Last Updated April 14, 6:00 pm PST.

First off, thank you so much for your support during this time.  We are doing everything we can as a small family business to weather this storm.  Every purchase helps. <3  Stay home and stay healthy!


Shipping Delays:

Currently there are no shipping delays that we are aware of, however anything is a possibility at this point.  We can't take any responsibility for what our shipping providers decide, but we will extend our normal return/exchange dates to be effective from when you actually receive your package.


On any given day due to the nature of how we prep our jars, we are using 99% rubbing alcohol on most of our products and getting it all over our hands in the process.  Not great for dry hands, but great for killing germs!  We are taking additional steps to sanitize all surfaces, knobs, switches, keyboards, etc. multiple times per day.   CDC has repeatedly said that the risk of infection from cardboard shipments/packaging is extremely low, but please do take precautions when bringing anything into your home and washing any new items AND your hands before incorporating items into your life.


Access to the U.S. 

Some of you are familiar with our unique business model, that we operate in both Canada and the U.S.   Usually, because of our proximity to the border, we can be in either country within 20 minutes, but for now we will be staying in and operating  exclusively out of Canada.  This means that we may have limited availably of some of our jar styles that we can't access in our (unstaffed) U.S. warehouse along with some supplies that we use to make our products.

We will make appropriate substitutions where we can, and ask you before we substitute any item for another.


If you have any questions regarding how we are handling this unique situation, please contact us and we will post any additional questions and answers here. 

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